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Frequently asked questions

  1. How much power can you provide for colocation customers?

    Our standard layout is 21kW per rack. We can provide higher power density up to 100kW on request

  2. How are you able to cool so much power?

    The traditional method is to blow cold air into the aisles of a datacenter and to take out the hot air. If you reach high power densities this creates quite some issues. Namely the flow of air becomes a problem as you create a constant wind of very high speed and/or you need huge air ducts of the size of several meters times several meters. Furthermore you need to filter the air from sulfates and other particles in the air (think of Eyafjattlajökul). In other words, straight air cooling becomes very problematic at those power levels. We are thus using a liquid cooled approach which means we transport the heat out in a closed loop. This avoids any air polution issues, allows easier manageability of the heat and hotspots inside the racks are much more efficiently cooled and thus it provides more operational security, is quicker built and is cost effective.