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DataCell and Mr. Edward Snowden's possible flight from Hong Kong to Iceland

Published on 21 June 2013

We have acknowledged various news reporting today quoting Olafur Sigurvinsson and his offer to fly Edward Snowden from Hong Kong to Iceland. We would like to clarify this matter as there have been some misleading facts and errors in the news reporting.

With regards to Mr. Sigurvinsson’s statement about him renting a plane to fly Mr. Snowden from Hong Kong to Iceland, DataCell is not involved in any way and has no information regarding this matter. 

It is our assumption that since Mr. Sigurvinsson has acted as a spokesperson of DataCell in the past, the press has mistakenly assumed that he is still with the company.

We would like to state that Mr. Sigurvinsson is neither an employee nor a shareholder of the company, and he has not been affiliated with DataCell since June 2012. The opinions of former employees and shareholders are their own opinions and not the opinions of the company. 

However, we follow the case with great interest. We consider freedom of press, sustainable and ethical hosting as the primary factors in choosing Iceland and Switzerland as our hosting locations. We consider programmes, such as the recently disclosed PRISM, as a threat to an individual’s right to privacy, which is a constitutional right guaranteed in most parts of the world.

Good luck to Mr. Snowden and we hope that all the relevant agencies shall handle the case fairly and with full transparency.

Andreas Fink
CEO & Owner
DataCell ehf