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Credit card donation to WikiLeaks is now accepted again

Published on 7 July 2011

Since 7th December 2010, DataCell ehf has not been able to process Visa and Mastercard payments or payments by other international credit cards. This applies for its own services and for donations to Wikileaks, which Datacell accepted and received through the same credit cards until 7th December. Our payment gateway wasclosed by Teller A/S, the company providing the payment gateway, on the instructions by Visa and Mastercard. Today this is exactly 7 months ago.

In a letter dated 9th June 2011, DataCell informed Visa/Mastercard and Teller of the intention to file a complaint to the EU Commission regarding VISA's and Mastercard's violation of EU Competition regulation and to initiate a law suit in Denmark to claim damages. We demanded furthermore that the payment gateway was reinstated immediately. This is now almost exactly one month ago.

Since 9th June 201, DataCell has not received any substantial answer from the credit card companies, besides confirmations of receipt. However, today we have observed that an alternative payment processor that we have contracted with, has in fact opened the gateway for payments with Visa and Mastercard, and now also for American Express Card payments, which is an option we did not had before.

We choose to interpret this, as that Visa and Mastercard has in fact given in to our demand that the payment services was reinstated. In other words DataCell is happy to report that we are now able again to process donations to Wikileaks (and that we in general are able to receive payments via international Credit cards for DataCell's professional services).

Donations to Wikileaks can be made again on

DataCell is happy that our threats of legal action have had this effect. But the battle is by far not over! We will initiate the law suit in Denmark to get compensated for our losses in the last 7 month, and we consider it likely that we will file the complaint before the EU Commission.

Andreas Fink 
DataCell ehf

Olafur Sigurvinsson 
DataCell ehf

For further information, follow us on twitter @datacellcom or contact Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, Supreme Court Attorney,, phone +354 8947406