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Choose a green location for your servers.

If you need to outsource your own data center, or just to reduce your in-office expenses, our data centers in Reykjavik, Iceland and Basel, Switzerland may be just right for you.

Directly connected to the Internet backbone, we provide you reliable connectivity and low latency to peer networks.

100% uptime

Through our Service Level Agreements, we guarantee interruption-free network and power availability.


Data center access

Access to the data center is possible at any time of the day. Please arrange for a an appointment with one of our support technicians.


State-of-art data center facilities

We rely on advanced cooling and humidity control systems. Power is fed from multiple sources and we have backup power just in case of any power outages.


Data center security

Our data center is monitored 24/7 through a remote surveillance system. Access to the data center is limited to authorised personnel.


High power hardware

For customers with heavy power usage such as Bitcoin mining, 3D rendering, simulations and super computing, we have very special custom deals available at our Moria data center.

See The Bitcoin Mine of Moria homepage for more information!


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